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Posted by James Keir on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z

Since this was the first RTX 2060 I have benchmarked, I wasn’t sure what to expect in performance. I was pleasantly surprised when the RTX 2060 Gaming Z was able to benchmark most titles in 1440p while maintaining an average of 60 FPS. Though the RTX 2060 isn’t designed to be a 4K card it was able to run GTA V pretty much maxed out at this resolution. We did see some limitations during our testing with the RTX 2060 only having 6GB memory during our Superposition benchmarking. So, it’s possible you might see some impact on performance with games requiring more than 6GB of memory at higher resolutions.

During all my testing, the Gaming Z was whisper quiet with the fans only engaging when the card hit 60c. Even when the fans did turn on, they could not be heard and thanks to MSI new TWIN FROZR 7 the card only hit a maximum temperature of 65c. I personally don’t like my GPU getting hotter than 60c during gaming and it’s nice to know that the TWIN FROZR will have no issue with this even when overclocked.

Although the RTX 2060 Gaming Z only has a power limit of 105%, I still managed to push the core clock to 2025 MHz and memory to a blistering effective clock rate of 16.2 GHz. With this overclocking profile, I beat my stock Timespy score of 8118 with a score of 8546 yielding over 5% increase in performance.

In the looks department, the RTX 2060 Gaming Z did not disappoint and should look great in any build. I like that MSI went with fairly neutral colors black and silver with only little accents of MSI red. Another positive for me is the tastefully done RGB lighting, MSI didn’t go over the top and only accented the fans and side MSI badge.

Overall the MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z impressed me with both its performance/looks and I look forward to seeing what else MSI has in store for 2019.

Great job MSI!

Highly Recommended


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