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on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 - 8:33am

5750On the mid-range front, AMD has today released the HD5750, which is gunning for its older brethren, the HD 4850 and the Nvidia GT250. Curious about the price? We predict the card will hit the shelves at $150. Besides the price point, the HD 5750 offers some of the benefits of the more expensive HD 5870 and 5850, DirectX 11 support and Eyefinity. Yes, the much talked about Eyefinity.

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on Monday, July 6, 2009 - 5:11am

4670Taking a look at the HD 4670, this is not the same HD 4670 we reviewed some months ago. This is a new and improved HD 4670 when has been packed with GDDR4, which is a technology jump from the GDDR3 on the older model. What we will be looking at besides the performance increase from the new memory is the new and quieter dual slot active cooler which sits atop the 750MHz GPU core. Sit back and read on as we take the new HD 4670 for a hefty round of tests. 

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on Monday, July 6, 2009 - 4:45am

4830The ATI-powered HD4830 from Sapphire is showing promise at being one of the best bangs for the buck cards out there. The HD4830 has the same amount of ram as the HD4850, but is clocked slightly lower and lacks a few of the shader units of the bigger sibling. Granted the HD4830 isn't here to steal any of the HD4850�s thunder, but it is targeted at the Nvidia 8800GT and 9800GT line. It is time to put the card to the test and see just where it stands.

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on Sunday, July 5, 2009 - 3:35am

palit 9800gtxThis leads us to today's review sample which is the Palit 9800GTX+. The overall specifications of the 9800GTX+ are very similar to the 9800GTX with a few differences. The main difference is the reducing of die size. After months of playing second fiddle to AMD when it came down to die size Nvidia finaly got with the program and reduced their's to 55nm. This meant a few things to the consumer one being less power consumption. And for those that really like numbers higher clocks came along for the ride. How does 745/1100 sound? I figured you would lke that. Palit has a couple more features that will win you over if these first couple don't.

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on Sunday, July 5, 2009 - 3:28am

4850x2In the past few weeks we here at Pro-Clockers have reviewed all the latest ATI offering so we find it only fitting to review the HD 4850 X2, a card that I feel is "a little more fitting." The 4850 X2 is a dual GPU two gig of ram solution all on one PCB just like it's big brother the 4870 X2. And these are not enough numbers let me give you a few more. The clocks are preset at 625MHz on the core, 1000MHz for the memory and 800 stream processors times two. Enough of the preliminaries lets get into some testing.

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on Sunday, July 5, 2009 - 3:25am

Sapphire hd4650The Sapphire HD4650 is a low price GPU based on the 55nm fabricated die that has all the features of the higher priced cards but just not to the extent of the others. Two of the main features of the card is the overclocked 650MHz core and 320 Stream Processors. This is more than enough to support your favorite high def video at a resolution of 2560x1600. And all this can be had for a mere $80.

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on Sunday, July 5, 2009 - 3:05am

sapphire 4550As much as many of us would like to think so we overclockers/enthusiasts only make up a very small portion of the people that use a PC. I visit many forums including my own and so often we talk like we are the only computer users that matter. But if I had to guess what percentage of people are buying high frequency processors, crazy dollar amount video cards or coolers the size of elephants are very small about less than 10%. The other 90% are satisfied with a faster CPU than the one they had before or a video card powerful enough to play their favorite video games at a decent frame rate. 


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