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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Friday, 12 October 2018
Toshiba OCZ RC100 480GB M.2 2242 NVMe SSD

We got to see Toshiba’s minuscule OCZ RC100 drive at CES 2018 and here a few months later, we finally get to check out this tiny, one-chip drive. Using Toshiba’s own single package, state-of-the-art 64-layer, 3-bit-per-cell TLC BiCS FLASH and controller, the RC100 is designed to span the gap between the aging SATA 6Gbps interface and expensive enthusiast level consumer NVMe SSD’s. Available in capacities of 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB, each compact M.2 2242 drive is ready for any platform from mini-PC’s to full-size desktops and everything in between.

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Thursday, 11 October 2018
AMD Athlon 200GE AM4 Dual Core and Vega CPU

AMD’s Zen architecture has been making waves for more than a year and a half now with a seemingly never-ending stream of high-performance CPU’s that continually climb in core counts, All the way up to the staggering 32-core Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX. Today we’ll be looking at its polar-opposite, the very budget friendly new AMD Athlon 200GE. Featuring twin Zen cores coupled to three Vega Graphics units and one of the lowest wattage ratings of any desktop Zen CPU, the Athlon 200GE might just be perfect for your next media or office PC. Being based on the versatile AM4 socket, you can even use it to get your foot in the door if you are looking to upgrade an older machine. Let’s see how it does!

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Wednesday, 03 October 2018

ASUS was quick to the market with its first non-reference Turing powered GeForce RTX Strix 2080Ti OC, and Today we’ll be checking out its RTX 2080 based sibling. Featuring 2944 CUDA Cores and 8GB of GDDR6 as well as 46 RT Cores for real-time Ray Tracing as well as 368 Tensor cores to power tomorrow’s AI and Deep Learning implementations. With all of that under the hood powered by ASUS’s precision engineered custom PCB with enhanced power delivery and 2.7-slot cooler, you can unleash Nvidia’s Turing on all of your digital enemies.  

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Posted by James Keir
on Monday, 01 October 2018
Cooler Master MB530P

More and more, we are starting to see cases that include multiple tempered glass panels. This is usually reserved for cases in the $150+ price range but Cooler Master has extended its MasterBox line to include the MB530P, which sports 3 tempered glass panels for an MSRP of only $109.99. Having so much tempered glass means everything is on show and you must take extra care with your cable management. Thankfully the MB530P has included such features like a full PSU shroud, removable cable cover and silkscreened back panel to help with this. In addition to these cable management features the MB530P also includes lighting with a built in RGB controller and 3 pre-installed 120mm ARGB AB front fans. With all these aesthetic enhancing elements it should be almost effortless to create a great looking build that shines through those tempered glass panels.

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Friday, 28 September 2018

Powered by Nvidia’s Turing architecture, the Nvidia RTX platform brings together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading for the best of tomorrow’s gaming today. Featuring three ZERO FROZR fans that completely stop when the card is running cool and only spin up as need and a new heatsink with wave-curved fins for more cooling surface and less turbulence and noise, the RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio gives you maximum power with minimum noise. MSI’s custom PCB with beefed up power delivery gives you a stable and powerful platform to get the most of the new RTX 2080 GPU.

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Thursday, 27 September 2018
GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync DDR4 Gaming Memory

Almost three and a half years ago GeIL’s Super Luce memory was one of the first LED-equipped memory modules to do something besides just light up.  The iLuce Thermal-Beaming technology would indicate module temperature by varying the temp of the breathing effect of the lighting. A few years later, most of the world has learned that DDR4 memory just really doesn’t get too hot. So what do you do with all of that lighting? Well in this era, you convert it to RGB and use it for the best gaming aesthetics of course! To really ice the proverbial cake, the RGB lighting effect is controllable from many of the industries RGB control software such as ASUS’s Aura Sync, Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion and MSI’s Mystic Light sync to seamlessly blend into the rest of your perfect gaming system.

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Nvidia’s Turing powered RTX launch has been a bit different than previous generations. Previously, the flagship card of a new architecture has been the xx80 series card with the lower models coming shortly after, and then after a fairly significant period of time, the xx80Ti series would follow. We also often don’t see non-reference models of a given card come out until several months have passed, R&D does take time after all. With the mold broken, our very first non-reference card is already here, and it just happens to be a 2080Ti model. Without further ado, ASUS’s ROG Strix RTX 2080Ti OC Edition. ASUS’s flagship is already here and we’re going to see how it does.

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Posted by Nathan Frost
on Wednesday, 26 September 2018
EasySMX Keyboard

Easy SMX is an up and coming manufacturer of gaming peripherals. The company based in Shenzen, China designs and manufactures gaming peripherals that target the low and mid-tier market price ranges. Their commitment is to providing quality gaming peripherals that gamers around the world can afford and rely on. Today we are going to be taking a look at their SI-2029 mechanical gaming keyboard. Thanks for sending the keyboard across the pond to us EasySMX!

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Posted by James Keir
on Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Cooler Master MP860

In competitive gaming, peripherals make all the difference and can turn a good player into a great player. When picking out your hardware, you usually put a lot of thought into picking the keyboard, mouse and headset, but there is one item missing from this list. If you really want to edge out your opponents, you will also need a quality mouse pad that offers fast movement for those flicks and also precision tracking when looking for that perfect head shot. Normally you would have to choose between either fast or control, but thanks to Cooler Master’s MP860, you no longer have to. The MP860 offers both a low-friction cloth surface for speed and with an easy flip you can make use of its anodized aluminum surface for precision. In addition to having 2 pads in 1 it’s also accented with RGB lighting on the side to add that extra pop to your setup. With a MSRP of $69.99 it might be a small price to pay to get an upper hand over your opponent.

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Monday, 24 September 2018
Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WiFi

AMD’s B450 chipset is one of those rare gems that only comes along every couple of generations. Every bit as capable and unlocked as its bigger X470 sibling, you give up almost nothing with the exception of spending more to buy a board. Gigabyte has capitalized on this with the affordable but well equipped B450 Aorus Pro WIFI. Featuring that legendary Aorus styling with the best connectivity on the market along with Ultra Durable reliability.

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Posted by James Keir
on Friday, 21 September 2018
ID-Cooling ZoomFlow 240

During the past few years, AIO’s are becoming the popular choice when cooling your PC. This market has been getting more and more competitive and companies are looking for ways to get an edge. ID-COOLING hopes to have a winning combination with its new AIO, the ZOOMFLOW 240. The ZOOMFLOW 240 brings a high-density finned 240mm radiator, pure cooper micro finned base, and a new bigger and upgraded motor.  On the RGB side of things included are 2 x 120mm ZF-12025-RGB fans, an illuminated pump cover and an RF RGB controller with remote.  Even with all these features the ZOOMFLOW 240 is still competitively priced at an MSRP of 109.99 USD. 

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Wednesday, 19 September 2018
NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Founders Edition

It's no wonder this card has been the talk of the internet between the reinvented design and the "graphics reinvented" campaign the RTX 2080 Founders Edition doesn't disappoint.  The RTX 2080 Founders Edition design is perfect for any build you may have in mind.  Between the 8-phase power supply, the 13 blade fans, and the new vapor chamber you'll have that quiet and cool performance everyone wants.  With up to 6x the performance of previous-generations the RTX 2080 Founders Edition is powered with Turing GPU architecture and the new RTX platform.

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