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5 Fantastic Tools and Apps You Can Use In College

College is a magical time for everybody. It’s a time to enjoy, work hard, make friends, and find your purpose in life. But while you are doing all that, the studying can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Even editing some files, which you don’t have the proper software for, can get very frustrating.

To help you have a better time in college, here are five fantastic tools that can help with studies and other things.



You need to have an efficient method of taking notes in college. Otherwise, it might be very challenging to keep up with the classes and ace your exams.

Evernote can help you there by streamlining the process. You can take regular notes, as well as add lists, links, files, and much more. You can also record the lecture or parts of it, and put it together with the notes you took down in that class.

It’s widely used because it keeps everything organized, and it allows you to access all your files on two separate devices. You can get access to more features with the premium version.


Editing PDFs, signing documents, converting between formats, and many other things that everyone needs to do in college can be handled with SodaPDF.

For instance, you just created an assignment on Microsoft Word and need to submit it. You go to SodaPDF’s website and use their converter tool because your professor will appreciate it more if the file is in PDF. If you want to merge it with another PDF file, then go to and use the merge tool.

It is one of the best document handling tools that you can download or use online. You can use many features free, and the other can be unlocked with the premium.


When in college, many students take part in various activities. You are probably working, hanging out with friends, exercising, and doing so many other things that it might be tough to find the time to go to a library.

That is where BenchPrep can be very useful. You can use the app to access tons of material that can be very beneficial for studying. You can also get access to lessons on various subjects.


You are probably taking a good number of classes in college, and it can be challenging to keep up with all of them.

If you want to organize all your class schedules, deadlines, grades, and other things all in one place, then get iStudiez Pro immediately. You can keep writing down information on the dates when the tasks are assigned, or the exam dates are given, among other things, and the app will do the rest

Circle of 6

The parties can get a little wild, and you might need a friend to help. You might be in the wrong neighborhood, and need to be rescued.

In the situations mentioned above, or others, Circle of six can help you be safe. It does it that by letting you share your location and send out messages to around six trusted contacts. You can even send out pre-programmed messaged, such as ‘come and get me.’

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