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SSSniperWolf Net Worth



SSSniperWolf's Net Worth

What is SSSniperWolf’s net worth?


SSSniperWolf is a Youtuber and actress.

She is best known for her commentary, reaction, vlogs, and gaming videos. SSSniperWolf is famous for her work with Dhar Mann. She rose to fame when she started to stream her gaming videos, Call of Duty.

Her channel grew to tens of millions of followers.

As of 2022, SSSniperWolf’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $6 million.


Early Life

Alia Marie Shelesh was born on the 22nd of October, 1992, in Liverpool, England.

Shelesh is the daughter of a Greek father and a Turkish mother. She has two brothers and one sister. Growing up, she knew how to speak Arabic fluently. When she was six years old, her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

Shelesh graduated High School at an early age, and she studied pharmacy and nursing. She dropped out of college early as well. She started working in Hollister.

After she met Evan John Young, she started to become more interested in creating her own YouTube career.



Her username comes from Sniper Wolf, which is one of the main antagonists of Metal Gear Solid.

This was her favorite game growing up. Her extra “SS” doesn’t mean anything special.

In 2011, SSSniperWolf started her YouTube channel on a channel titled sexysexysniper. The channel got 50,000 subscribers until 2 years later. She made her new channel two years later.

SSSniperWolf has been uploading videos on her YouTube channel since 2017. She uploads reactions and other TikTok videos. From 2020, she made it to the Trending Page.

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She is also known for working with Dhar Mann. In the videos, she is the idol of Sam/Psycho Mantis, a girl who wants to be a gamer just like her.

After she gets a PS5, she becomes a gamer and earns a lot of fame and money. Her mother discards her sexist beliefs. It brings more issues such as bulling her due to her fame.

As of 2022, SSSniperWolf’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $6 million.



Here are some of the best highlights of SSSniperWolf’s career:

  • Touch My Body Challenge YouTube Video (2015, 97 million)
  • 30,4 Million Subscribers YouTube (December 2021)


Favorite Quotes from SSSniperWolf

“As a kid, my brother and I would always get into fights. To stop us from fighting, my dad bought us a PlayStation One. And, it worked. Instead of fighting, we played video games. We would start playing as soon as we got home from school, all day, and every weekend.” – SSSniperWolf

“Since my parents were super strict, we were not allowed to go over to our friends’ houses, parties, school dances, or even on field trips. So, I spent my time at home gaming. The first time I cosplayed was when I was 10 years old for Halloween. I wanted to be Bulma from Dragon Ball Z, so my mom and I made the costume. I wore black pants, a black shirt, and a yellow vest with a blue wig.” – SSSniperWolf 

“When I was 13, I begged my mom to take me to an anime convention, but she refused. Then finally, when I was 18, I managed to get tickets to Comic-Con in San Diego. My whole family drove down to San Diego, and I was able to attend my first convention.” – SSSniperWolf 

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“There were mainly only two platforms: YouTube and Dailymotion. So I chose YouTube. I used to watch a lot of Call of Duty montage videos and gameplay, which was the real inspiration for launching my own channel and sharing my gameplay.” – SSSniperWolf 

“Yes, I’ve changed it up a lot. I have always experimented with different content in order to see what my audience likes, and also to determine what I enjoy creating. You never really know what you want to do unless you try everything. I started with gaming videos.” – SSSniperWolf 


3 Amazing Lessons from SSSniperWolf

Now that you know all about SSSniperWolf’s net worth and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the best lessons we can learn from him:


1. Things Are Possible

Things will always be possible if you know that they are not impossible.


2. Fly

Instead of falling, make sure you fly. We all will lose at least once, and we have to learn how to get our control back again.


3. A Movie

Life is like a movie. We write our own script. Keep believing and keep changing your story.



SSSniperWolf is also known as “Lia Wolf,” is a famous YouTuber.

She is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world. Today she has more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube. According to YouTube platform Tubefilter, one week alone, she earned 200,000 new subscribers and had 125 million video views.

What makes SSSniperWolf special compared to other YouTube gamers?

SSSniperWolf has a very charming physique and she often appears in attractive costumes. She has very good health for a woman her age. Another reason that makes her special is that she has many talents. She is a world-class hula hooper and she has performed these skills in her videos.

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As of 2022, SSSniperWolf’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $6 million.

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