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Lance Carter


Louisiana, USA


I started learning about computers when my parents bought a Tandy 2000. The whole PC ran on a 3.5in floppy disk it was great. My first upgrade I bought was 4mb of ram for our second computer a Packard Bell. I saved up $200 just so I could play Doom. Over the years I taught myself to build my own computer in High School. Once graduated I opened a custom built pc shop with two other friends from school. We built about 7 or 8 before we decided not to work together. Since then I gained about 6 years experience in cellular devices at Alltel. At the same time I learned to repair cell phones as well. The last computer I built myself was over 10 years ago. But about 3 years ago I decided I wanted a new computer, even though I'm now married and have 3 kids, my desire to have a new PC was strong. To make this happen is going to be a little tough sense my current job at that time was in the oilpatch and that was slowing down till one day I was finally laid-off. I did not give up on my dream. So I began entering every pc giveaway I could. I won parts and pieces from all over but never enough to build a rig. Until last year I was blessed with an up to date pc that allowed me to do what I have since missed, playing with PCs and gaming. Also along the way I found Proclockers and their Summer Giveaway so joined the forums and stuck around. Until I was asked if I wanted to do reviews for the website. Now I doing what I also enjoy, testing out new gear and helping people make informed decisions about tech.

Main Rig

Anidees AI-Crystal ATX Mid Tower
Power Supply: 
Corsair 1000W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power
Asus Rampage V Edition 10 EATX LGA2011-3
Intel Core i7-6800K 3.4GHz
Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4-2400
Intel 750 Series 1.2TB PCI-E Solid State Drive
Video Card(s): 
NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) 12GB
Logitech g502
Logitech g810
Samsung SyncMaster 710n
CPU Cooling: 
Corsair H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid
GPU Cooling: