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Mark Taliaferro


Missouri by the Trees!


I was an early PC enthusiast and started on pre-desktop solder together systems. Later I went to MSSU for programming and ended up hooked on building, fixing and selling computers as well as programming databases for businesses.  On about my third day in the Programming Major, I got called into the Library office where I was pushing a cart with books to put on shelves. The Director of the Library threw me a computer repair toolkit and IBM DOS 1.0 and said "Your the only computer major working in the library so you're the new repair guy." Long story short I got bit by the bug and 30 years later most of my net worth is in PC parts boxes daring me to go play with them. I blame it all on that first computer I soldered together, I burnt my hand with the soldering Iron and some PCB got into my blood and the addiction was immediate! 

Main Rig

Open Chassis Test Bench & Cooler Master Master Case
Power Supply: 
Silverstone 1100 Watt Monster
Asus Maximus VIII Extreme & Asus Maximus IX Code
6700K and 7600K
Corsair & Kingston
Asst SSD's, NVME M.2, Enterprize Platters and anything that goes fast
Video Card(s): 
Whatever one happens to be in the Rig ATM
Cooler Master Sentinel 3 or 1 of 5 Razer Chromas
Black Widow Chroma
Onboard Sound
4K Primary, 1440p Secondary and 1080p for non-video benches
CPU Cooling: 
EKWB Triple Rad
GPU Cooling: 
Other Accessories: 
I prefer a Gold Clutch bag with my spandex Speedos