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Xigmatek Scylla 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review




When it comes to cooling the CPU, liquid coolers offer superior cooling performance than air coolers in most cases. Liquid coolers help builders and enthusiasts achieve higher and stable overclocks compared to using air coolers. With the plethora of liquid cooling units offered today, there’s certainly a lot to choose from particularly when it comes to closed-loop all-in-one CPU coolers. Today we will be checking out a closed-loop all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a 240mm radiator from Xigmatek. It features a unique pump integration wherein it is located at the radiator. Let’s find out how well it performs in our tests and setup.

Xigmatek Scylla 240 AIO CPU Cooler

The Xigmatek Scylla brings you the perfect storm to cool your CPU. The Xigmatek Scylla feature a unique pump integration where it is integrated in the AIO’s radiator. The protective radiator cover protects the pump while keeping it low-profile that allows you to install fans without any obstacle. A premium silent pump maximizes water circulation allowing the base plate to stay extremely cool. The Xigmatek Scylla closed-loop liquid coolers uses a high-performance coolant that doesn’t require maintenance.

The Scylla also features anti-moisture tube technology the blocks moisture from getting in or out. The tubing is also pressure tested for product life and durability. The Scylla with its super slim water block offers maximum lifespan without the pump integrated on it. The cooling water block uses high-quality copper base plate for maximum heat dissipation with eight quality screws that provide strength and durability for the copper water block.

Features and Specifications

  • Factory-filled and sealed coolant (No maintenance necessary).
  • High quality and reliable silent pump.
  • Extended 300mm water tube allows flexibility.
  • High performance water block maximizes heat conductivity.
  • Low-profile 30mm thick radiator minimizes space needed for installation while maximizing case airflow.
  • Optimized radiator fin design for minimal air restriction.
  • 500~2000 RPM Xigmatek fan with circulative bearing (FCB) guarantees silence and durability.
  • Easy to install, mounts on any 120mm fan mounting holes on your case.
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Product Model

Scylla 240

CPU Socket Support

Intel: LGA 2011 / 1366 / 115X / 775
AMD: FM1 / FM2 / AM2 / AM3 / AM4

Fan Dimension

120 x 120 x 25mm

Fan Speed

500 ~ 2000 RPM

Fan Airflow

88.3 CFM (Maximum)

Fan Air Pressure

2.2 mmH2O

Fan Noise Level

< 25 dBA

Fan Connector

4pin PWM

Radiator Dimensions (LWH)

274 x 122 x 32 mm (without fan)

Radiator Material


Pump Bearing Type


Pump Connector


Pump Speed

3500 RPM + 10% @ 12V DC


Packaging and Unboxing

The Xigmatek Scylla 240 comes in a typical box packaging.

You can find the all-in-one cooler, 2 x 120mm fans and accessories in separate plastic packages.

Here are the two 120mm high-performance PWM fans included with the cooler. These are non-LED fans which are rated for 500 to 2000 RPM.

Here are the set of accessories, screws and AMD mounting bracket which simply slides into place with the water block. Will discuss later regarding swapping out of mounting brackets. The rear retention bracket is a universal one which supports AMD and Intel platforms.

Let’s take a closer look at the Scylla 240 AIO cooler on the next page.

Closer Look

Here’s the Xigmatek Scylla 240 without the fans installed. Pretty much like a typical 240 AIO cooler except for the exceptionally thin water block module since the pump isn’t integrated on it. The tubing on the Scylla 240 is also longer than usual at 300mm which may help or may not help on your build but certainly a plus for larger build giving you the option to mount the cooler at the front of the chassis with ease.

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The pump is integrated on the AIO’s radiator and it isn’t at the end of it but in the middle. This is the first time I’ve seen such pump integration which is very interesting. This keep the radiator size at a minimum compared to other radiator-pump modules which tends to be longer if its integrated in the end of the radiator.

I did notice there’s a refilling hole in the radiator so even if it is maintenance-free, users can add coolant if desired particularly after a few years of service.

Now here’s the Xigmatek Scylla with the 120mm fans mounted on the radiator. Even with the pump on the radiator, the pump doesn’t become an obstacle in both sides of the radiator.

The mounting brackets on the water block simply slides on and off. It locks itself in place and can be swapped in a jiffy.

Testing Setup, Methodology and Results

Testing Setup

  • Processor: AMD FX 8370 (overclocked 4.5 Ghz)
  • Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming
  • Cooler: Xigmatek Scylla 240
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX Beast 2133Mhz 16GB
  • Boot Drive: ADATA SU800 Ultimate
  • Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G
  • Power Supply: Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W


Testing will be done at stock clocks of the AMD FX-8370 processor. Prime95 will run for 20 minutes, MSI Afterburner will be used to monitor and record temperature readings. Ambient room temperature during the test is around 28C.


Without a doubt the Scylla 240’s superior cooling capability would easily beat single-tower air coolers but there’s an even better catch with the Scylla 240, read on to the next page.

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

First of all, we would like to thank Xigmatek for sending us their Scylla 240 CPU cooler. I would say the Xigmatek Scylla 240 closed-loop all-in-one liquid CPU cooler isn’t far from other 240 liquid coolers available today. Let’s breakdown our findings below.

Let’s first talk about performance. Clearly the superior cooling performance of AIOs is also present with the Xigmatek Scylla 240 given the 240mm radiator and the high-performance cooling fans that can reach 2000+ RPM. At full speed, the fans are quite noisy and would be noticeable even when installed inside a typical PC case. Using the PWM connection, noise levels are quite average for the fans. As for the pump, the pump is barely audible that I thought it wasn’t working.

The Scylla 240 would come in as the bare minimum in liquid cooling, it doesn’t have the flashy RGB lighting and customization which some may be opting for in building a PC. But if you are simply just looking for the liquid AIO performance on an entry-level budget, the Scylla 240 would be the ideal cooling solution with it priced at $77.49 at Amazon at the time of this writing. It is around $25 cheaper from other 240mm-radiator AIO offerings from the likes of Corsair, NZXT and even DEEPCOOL. Such savings is significant for you to grab a higher-end graphics card or motherboard or memory kit. With this, we will happily award the Xigmatek Scylla 240 with our Best Value award coming in as one of the cheapest 240 AIO CPU cooler in the market today.


  • Price/performance ratio
  • Silent integrated pump
  • Hot-swappable mounting brackets


  • The longer 300mm tubing can be a hassle to smaller builds

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