Kingston A400 SSD Review

Kingston A400 SSD is a drive fit for those on a tight budget, but is it the best choice in 2020?

It’s 2020 and by now, everyone should have an SSD, no matter what they use it for. The prices for SSDs are so low it doesn’t make sense not buying one. We are talking about a faster PC boot speed, sleep speed, programs opening noticeably faster, and improving your overall productivity.

When it comes to reasonable SSDs, we look at Kingston, which has plenty of solid-state drives with different capacities and targeting various markets. Let’s check out the Kingston A400 240GB SSD and see what you can expect from it and if it still is relevant as a purchase in 2020.

At the time of launch – in Q1 2017, the price was around $50 for a 240GB Kingston A400 SSD, but it has now gone as low as around $35 at various retailers. Even with this low price, can it face newer and better SSDs that go for less than $60?

Kingston A400 250GB SSD – PROS AND CONS

+ Pros: affordable, low power consumption, 3-years warranty, solid performance

– Cons: no software tool, not enough performance compared to drives that are slightly more expensive

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